Today is the Ethereum Merge, the ultimate guide for a noobie

  • Glossary and definitions
  • The merge, what are we talking about
  • Concretely, what does it change for you?
  • The next updates on the Ethereum roadmap
  • Sources and additional informations

Glossary and definitions:

I figured I’d start with a few definitions so that we have the basics to go thought the reading. I helped me, if you don’t need them, just jump to next section ;)

The merge, what are we talking about? :

The merge is the joining of Ethereum’s existing execution layer (the Mainnet) with the proof-of-stake consensus layer, the Beacon chain. It removes the necessity of power intensive mining and keeps the network secure by using the staked ETH.


*The Proof of Work

Concretely, what does it change for you:

*Are my $ETH and NFTs safe ?

  • All your NFTs currently running on the Ethereum chain will shift to the new POS chain.
  • $ETH staked on the beacon chain will remain locked.
  • Regarding ledgers, people having their ETH, ERC-20 tokens and NFTs on their ledger, there is nothing to do either, the ledger live app will just be paused during the merge until it is done.

What are the next updates on the Ethereum roadmap:

Once the Paris update is implemented and if the merge is successful, Ethereum will have achieved the most important change in its history ! Thought, the roadmap is not quite complete and more updates will be implemented in the coming years:

Sources and some nerds stuff:

The merge articles:



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